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Are you tired of endlessly surfing for that next book to read? Are you constantly surfing through the titles and intriguing plot lines only to settle for something less than satisfying? Do you keep running into explicit scenes?

Grab your Reading Recommendations Packet now to guarantee ready entertainment right when you need it. Skip the endless surfing, hours of mulling, and piles of unsatisfactory titles. 


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Founding Author

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Kay Bowser lives in a small town in Nebraska with the most perfect husband God could give her and her two wonderful children. Writing has been her passion since a little girl and reading her addiction. While in her teen years she was unsatisfied with the book options offered to teens and young adults. So, after years of honing her writing skills, she hopes she can produce the kind of clean books that will pull readers in and capture them until the last page.

Kay is a wanna-be adventurer that lives through other peoples' action and drama through their books and her own. Kay lived most of her growing up years in the land of imagination, dreaming of all the things she could accomplish one day. With her debut novel The Serum Genesis (book 1 of The Serum Trilogy), those dreams have come true!

Stay tuned for future adventures coming soon! 


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