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Krouching Tiger Club

>> for Writers <<


Are you tired of your story idea nagging your brain??

Allow me to guide your idea onto the page and turn that written story into a book! 

In the Krouching Tiger Club, we will take your idea and turn it into a manuscript. Then we will take that messy manuscript and polish and refine it into a beautiful masterpiece: a novel!

Your story idea will be brainstormed into a coherent plot. 

That plot will be written into a manuscript.

Your manuscript will be edited by a professional. 

Your manuscript will then be formatted for a digital eBook file or for printing a paperback. 

Then a cover will be designed by a professional and sized for your formatted manuscript.

Vwah-LAH!! You're a published author!

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Kay Bowser

Founder of Krouching Tiger Publications

Let's Team Up!

Allow me to be your guide through the intimidating process of becoming a published author! 

Don't let your dream sit on the back burner anymore. Join the Club, and let's be partners <3 :D

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Value: $2,080

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Opportunity for Highschool Students
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Love this, but you're not a writer?

No problem!

You can still support this program by becoming a sponsor. Support a teen's dream of becoming an author today <3

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Ebook Reader
eBook Package
Outdoor Reading
Paperback Package

Member Fee $700

Editor $1,000

Publishing $150

eBook discounts:

Formatting $80

Cover $80

Member Fee $700

Editor $1,000

Publishing $150

*Author Copy $30

Print Book costs:

Formatting $100

Cover $100

**Author Copy**

This is a printed paperback that will be shipped to the Author.