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Have you ever asked for help from people who promised to be there for you, and they were always busy when you finally bit down on your pride and asked them? That's happened to me a few times. I was devastated at the time. I try to be very careful about when I promise things because I don't want to be the cause of depression or hurt in someone else.

As much as it hurt and was so hard to deal with at the time, it forced me to run to God even more often and more earnestly than before. We grew closer because of it. And after the event, I saw His might in the fact that I made it through and became more confident than at the beginning of the ordeal.

God enacted Phi.l 4:13 for me a few times, especially after getting married and having children but even before. When He promises strength and anything is possible, I think many believe that we will feel the extra strength being given to us in the moment of trouble and that we should feel the strength that we need to make the situation comfortable. Instead, we still feel uncomfortable and feel that God has ignored the prayer or answered ‘no.’

Instead, I think how it really works is that we are supposed to feel uncomfortable through it. Stretched and even in pain sometimes. Now, this sounds heartless, but it's so that we can grow. Even little children have growing pains. I know that it's hard for God to witness our pain even though He knows it's for our good just as it hurts me so much to witness my children's growing pains. I wish, WISH, that I could keep it from happening, but they need them to grow. Just as we do.

It hurt to be disappointed, but when I called out to the Lord when it hurt -- the more I kept my mind imagining God and His love for me even when I was struggling through the situation -- before I knew it, it was over. And God truly was the One Who got me through it. When I was focused on God and not the situation or how much it hurt, then I could think clearer and God got me through it and proved I could do it while looking at Him. Just as Peter could walk on water as long as he looked at Jesus. We can get through and ‘walk on water’ coming out stronger when we focus on Jesus.

Monday Motivation: The harder the situation hurts, the harder we should pray. The louder we should sing praises. The more we imagine God's face and His love embracing us. His Word validates and proves His love over and over. Looking in the past and remembering all the times He's helped us before, all of this will help us get through our hard times with God at the forefront of our minds.

Don't let Satan get the victory. Give God the glory and opportunity to show Himself to you in a major way❤️

Happy Monday!!


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