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Alone? or not...

Recently I received a call that someone I know had lost a friend to suicide. This was pretty jarring and a little too close to home for comfort.

One hears these statistics and the heart breaks for the lost souls in a detached sort of way. But, when it's happened to someone you know, they've lost a friend because of a lack of hope in their life - that's when it really hits home. Those people are real. They had feelings of discouragement and fear, even depression, just like me. They had a heart that had been broken too many times with no one taking them seriously to help pick up the pieces.

That person could have been saved. That person could have felt a surpassing love that no one could touch or take away. That person could still be living today if those around him would have just pulled their heads out of their self-centered busy lives to really listen. All they had to do was listen, to show they cared. That boy could've faced another day just with that, for a start. But, he really needed Jesus.

Jesus is the only One that saves. He's the only One that can give us the strength to push on through the oppression that plagues us from ourselves and the world's standard of success.

Families, friends, colleagues, etc, I want to encourage you to give that person an ear. That person who maybe never has something to say that's positive. Give them the chance to vent all of that lava that wants to spill over and burn them to a crisp. Once you've heard them out, give them something positive. For those people it can be hard to do it on their own. They just need a little help. Point out areas where their beautiful or handsome. Point out talents you notice. Point out everyone that loves them.

But, most importantly, point out Jesus. Their greatest need when so depressed that they’re thinking about giving up and ending it all, is to be understood. Be honest. You can't understand, but Jesus can. They need to know that Jesus faced great hardship and depression too, and He conquered it. Now, He's living just as powerful then willing to fight these battles with them.

Lead them to Christ so that they can reach out to others with the saving grace of Jesus. These people have a higher compassion for people going through what they are because they themselves lived it. Through Christ they can be the light to save another soul, and another and another through their influence. No one else needs to die when there is a way to live.

Monday Motivation: Motivate those around you to keep going. Motivate yourself in Christ to keep going. You are SO loved!! Jesus DIED for you. He, God's Son, gave His life for you. That means you are priceless in worth.

If you have questions, or want to talk about anything in this post, please contact me! I WILL get back to you. And yes! You can share this with anyone you think it could help.

As always, thanks for reading!

Until next week… :)

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