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First of all, thank you for giving my words a chance! Just like every new blogger before and after me, I worry and wonder if my words will be worth reading. Here's a little about myself and why I felt compelled to write.

Besides this blog, I write novels - my passion. I debuted with a young adult science fiction called The Serum: Genesis (book 1 of The Serum Trilogy). My niche is young adult, but I am hoping to branch out into the adult world of fiction with a novel I've been brewing.

I am a rather new author married to an amazing husband and blessed with two children. I wish to provide words of encouragement and inspiration. The driving force behind my writing novels is to provide worlds that promote a more positive outlook on life rather than apocalyptic futures with zombies or the forever curse of the vampire - destruction romanticized. Truly, this is just my preference in books showing. Since I've noticed the lack of variety, I'm hoping that I'm not the only one looking for a unique read. I struggled to find it, so I decided to create the worlds I was looking for.

Soon I hope to provide the service of promoting similar authors of the same genres that I write and more. This way my readers will have easy access to more novels right here on my website.

I am really just looking to be a blessing and encouragement with my blog and books. I am writing this blog to connect to you, the reader, on a personal level to do just that. Thanks again for giving me a chance, and I look forward to connecting with you each week!

Please, don't be shy! Follow my blog, and sign up to comment to let me know how I can better be a blessing. Your feedback will help me more effectively reach my goals to serve you.

Happy reading! :)

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2 commentaires

Kay Bowser
Kay Bowser
23 oct. 2018

Thank you so much!! I hope it's a blessing 💗


I’m excited for you, Katie!😊

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