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It's Monday, everyone, and I gotta tell you I feel encouraged. After I tell you why you might be a little confused at first... but hopefully, I can clear it up for you.

Last night right before and during church, I was encouraged. Before church, I had hit my word count for the day and also found a great marketing tip that sounded like something I could actually do and see results from it. (Stay tuned to find out if I actually do… hopefully, I do it right and it works out.) Then at church, I was reminded that God has my future planned out. Not only that but He has and is preparing it for me. Not only is He preparing my future for me but ME for my future. See, if I had all the sales I could ever ask for and my author platform built and a great following RIGHT NOW, um… If I were totally honest, I don't know that I would be able to handle the increased demand of product and attention from my company in addition to the constant call from my needy children on my life right now.

See, I tell myself, God has it under control. If you rush it, YOU won't be ready for the future that you have in mind or even the tailored version God has planned. Unless you let Him prepare you a little at a time, it will end in disaster and a burnt out you.

Do you remember what it feels like to go through a crazy week?? Or maybe you're dealing with it right now. If you're a mom with little ones or older ones who are entered into every sport, you know what I mean. Or even if you're that person who's an empty-nester or not married yet - you know those times when nothing seems to go right or everything on the house breaks at once or all of your monthly to-dos all fall on the same day somehow…?? Yeah. Think about that and double it. If you or I have the future you and I have planned for ourselves right now, do you think that we'd be prepared for it or overwhelmed and not very grateful for it?? I'm thinking it would be the latter scenario.

When a family is built, it's usually not an insta-family. Usually, there's some time between each new member added to the family, time to adjust. Or a new job at work: You're not automatically the new CEO of a long-standing, already-established company. No, you work your way up the ladder or build the business from scratch. There's a time of learning and adjusting - preparing for those future responsibilities.

So, self, when you beg God for that insta-success again, remember all those times you're overwhelmed right now then imagine a few more things to your to-do list.

Monday Motivation: "Stay calm and wait on God."

'Nuff said. LOL

Hey, guys, I have a guest blogger coming up. I can't wait for you to meet her and see what she has to say!!

Until next week!! :D

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