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I failed.

I'm sorry for not posting last week, readers. This pregnancy brain and fatigue are really starting to get to me…

I knew it was bound to happen. I knew I was bound to fail sometime. I just thought that I would last longer.

All in all, I'm not doing terrible, but I have been used to being productive for a while now with only a low day here and a dragging day there inhibiting my efforts. Now, I have LOTS of down days. This pregnancy is pulling me down hard. Anything that requires me to be responsible literally causes a headache. I need naps often and overdoing it happens often because I can't wrap my mind around my new limits.

Yes, I know. A blog. Seriously?? That's too much?? I heard you. I asked myself the same thing. But, then I literally couldn't handle it until now. So this is what you get. Complaining. I apologize. Next week hopefully will be better, but I certainly can't promise. The closer I get to the delivery, the less I can do. Feeding myself and my daughter is hard enough anymore. Lame. I know. And I'm doing SO MUCH BETTER than my last pregnancy. Crazy to think about.

My husband is being amazing and helping me around the house. He's spoiling me and helping tons with our daughter - but then he's always been great with her. I'm very blessed with him as much husband and her father.

God is good even though I really want this baby out and all the discomfort gone. I'm losing my mind a little more each day it feels like. I stress for no reason, or lots of irrational reasons. So thankful for God or I would be lost in a sea of stress that not even my amazing family could pull me out of. I don't know how people who don't know God live life without Him…

Monday Motivation: ALMOST DONE!! This isn't forever. The discomfort, the stress, the headaches, backaches, tight throat, and even the big belly - won't last forever. All of it will come to an end. Soon I'll have my baby boy. People understand more than you think. Take it easy and try to enjoy the excuse to do relaxing activities while you can. ;)

Thanks for reading!!

Until next week. :)

This is not me... ;)

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