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Thanks for making my blog a part of your day today! So, I decided to title my blog Monday

Motivation. The idea is that my blog is supposed to give you a little tidbit of encouragement to carry you through the week.

Being new to the blogging scene, I, of course stressed about what to post today. Well, I decided to be real with you. I need motivation just as much as the next person - if not more so! Today God had to point out just where my strength really comes from and that I need to rest assured in Him if my plans pan out just how I scheduled them.

Too often I set lofty goals and get so down in the mouth when I don't accomplish a “super mommy” packed day. I'm not a super mommy. I might not even be an average mommy. Lol But, God pointed out that with Him I could do just what truly needed to be done TODAY. I don't have to get a weeks worth of errands done on my Monday. That's why He gave me a week.

In my devotions that I've been reading for the last week, I was reminded of the amazing

blessing God blesses us with each morning. Each new day we are gifted with the ability to

“begin again.” Each night I go to bed discouraged with the amount of work I didn't accomplish, I can be comforted that in the morning I will have a new day to “begin again” - I will have another chance to do the things I didn't do the day before and to be more efficient.

Same with my publishing company, writing and most importantly, as a wife and mother. Each

day I have a chance to do better for my family and readers. Each day I have another chance to do something specifically for Jesus.

This was a huge blessing for me to remember. This morning I was thrown a curve ball. I was

reminded of a commitment that I had forgotten about and somehow the times had gotten a bit confused. Needless to say, it did not go according to plan. I had two other major errands and another commitment this evening to prepare for. And well, this blog to write, ;) I told God He would have to be my strength and brain today. Being pregnant and not drinking enough water made it difficult, but God can do anything!

So this weeks Monday Motivation: let's remember that you get to begin again, and that God has the strength we need if we're willing to tap into it.

Thanks for reading, until next week! :)

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