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Kids. 'Nuff said.

Kids. When this word is said, a multitude of thoughts run through our minds. They might include: Chaos. Messy. Clumsy. Too much energy. Too many kids. Headaches. To-do lists… and so, so much more.

If you're like me, maybe you think all of these things then just the word, blessed.

I have a child, and she just turned 2 to the pains of my mommy-heart. She’s not a baby anymore which is crazy! I know everyone says this, but I seriously feel like I just brought her home. I marvel at how big she is getting, especially as I compare my baby boy’s clothes next to hers. Once he is born, I am sure that it will take some getting used to their differences in height, development, and eventually their personalities.

I’m a mom who always knew that she would be a mom and looked forward to it with longing in her heart even as a young girl. Yes, being a mom is trying at times, especially when pregnant. But, it is so, SO rewarding when your child throws her arms around you and hugs you tight cooing in your ear. Or, when you don’t feel very good or just plain ol’ emotional, and she pats you and says, “It’s Oh-tay, ma-mommy.” These moments will be treasured forever and temporarily make you forget all of the disciplining that went on that day, or the three or four messes you had to clean up yourself because she’s not coordinated enough yet. Oh, how I look forward to the day that she can do more to help around the house…

But! Also, as I’m reminded today on her birthday - I really don’t want to rush it either! I want to enjoy every moment with her and love her just as she is.

God is the same way. He wants to enjoy a relationship with us right now. Not when we are perfect because that won’t happen on earth. No, He loves us just as we are and wishes to enjoy life and our development stages with us as we learn to be more like Christ, His Son.

Monday Motivation: Shower a little love and patience on our kids like God does for us. Enjoy every new thing they learn or discover. Try to see it through their eyes the way Jesus did when He became man for us. We are loved for who we are. Let’s love our children for who they are. <3

Happy Monday!

Thanks for reading!!

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