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Living My Dream Life

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Ours was great. The food amazing. The fellowship fun. We even had out first “Baby Gender Reveal” for our second child on Thanksgiving. I got to hit a pinata! :b

We’re having a boy, and we’re super excited about it. It just kind of tickles me a little bit how when we found out that we were having a girl the first time, I was the calm one and my husband was freaking out with insecurities about how to be a father to a girl: activities to do with her and such. Now, with all my big talk about having no qualms, knowing that we are for sure having a boy - now, I’M the one kind of freaking out, and he’s the cool cucumber. Just makes me laugh. Ha. Ha. ;)

Setting aside my nervousness, I am REALLY excited! This will be so fun having one of each, and - yes, I will be kept on my toes in the parenting side of things. Raising a boy and a girl at the same time will be difficult, I know. I do my best to approach life without the rose-colored blinders on. But, I’m really looking forward to it. Yes, I’m nervous because I’m a human approaching something I’ve clearly never done before. But, thankfully God had prepared me in some ways for taking care of and raising a little boy. Through babysitting and church ministries I have been exposed to just about every scenario. I know my son will be a unique individual that will throw me curve balls likely to tempt me to pull all of my hair out. My daughter does that now. (I am spoiled with an unusually behaved little girl: with no lack of discipline, of course.) But, she does things that I would not have expected that throw me for a loop causing me to constantly adjust and grow in my faith and trust in my Saviour.

I really can’t wait to meet my little boy, and watch my daughter’s love grow for her brother, and watch my husband’s fatherly pride “bust buttons.” I love my life. I really, really love my life. Since it’s been the Thanksgiving season, more than ever I have been overwhelmed lately over all of the blessings that have been bestowed on me. There really is something to to be said about staying on the right path, doing what God has wanted from me. He brought me to this place where everywhere I look I couldn’t be happier.

You must be gagging right now and wondering how much money I make and how you can get some of it.

I’m not rich. I’m a stay at home mom living off of my husband’s “meager” earnings. He works three jobs and still makes lower end income. No, I’m not rich, but I feel SO rich. Why? Because, I am content. Because I have learned a long time ago that what I have is enough. I learned that debt is unacceptable: that that item is a want not a need and can wait, even if it’s on sale. God showed me these things. He also taught me that sometimes He knows what I want better than I do. He will bless me with a better option than even what I had been saving up for or had my eye on for so long. There’s a big world out there, and what I can see in the small space around me in my town or home is nothing compared to what my mighty, uber-rich God could give me.

Honestly, I live my life watching and waiting. You say, “Huh?”

I live my life asking God to lead me. Should I purchase this now? Later? Should I go here today? Should I commit to this? Should I be doing that?

Living this way has kept me from being overbooked and overwhelmed on many occasions. I’m a human woman, let me remind you. I still get overbooked and overwhelmed. But, usually it’s my own doing, haywire emotions, or God is trying to teach me something that I usually don’t learn until after the ordeal. I can be a slow learner. ;)

All I’m trying to say is: I’m living the perfect life this side of Heaven because God put me here - because I listened to His guidance. I didn’t settle for anything less than His very best for me.

I waited and listened carefully for who I was supposed to marry. I am moved to tears all the time when I think about my seriously perfect - for a human and for me - husband.

I waited and listened while my husband showed me a foreclosure and told me this would be my new home. I admit my first reaction was dubious. But, if you could see this house - how it was and how it is now - reader, you would stand in awe of my God, too. We are first-time home owners and renovators, but Got provided through our church the people and funds we needed to make this happen while the paperwork and loan went through. We moved in after three or four months from the time my husband showed me this house. Sure, there’s a couple of things we still want to do, but we did this with a newborn, people! That’s my God for you.

As I mentioned before, my daughter is unusually behaved. She is affectionate - I prayed for that. She is funny and sweet. She pats me when I’m crying. She loves to learn and play and read. She really is a “perfect” little girl. My God gave me this child. And now He is building a little boy inside me, meant for me. My God loves me. He loves you, too.

If you don’t know this God of mine - this living, powerful, rich God of mine - I urge you to reach out to me. I would LOVE to introduce you to Him. He has a fantastic life for you, too. Don’t think for a second that we haven’t had our hardships. I just left them out because this is supposed to be a positive uplifting blog and for the sake of wordiness. :)

Monday Motivation: Double check your attitude towards God’s gift of the life He gave you. Are you focusing on the hardships you endured rather than the products? Are you focusing too much on what you wish you had rather than what you already have? Are you rushing God to gift you something you’re positive you “need”?

Readers, wait and listen for His guidance! He will gift you your personal version of a fairy tale life this side of Heaven if you just let Him do the leading through you or your spouse. Promise ;)

He did for me.

**Disclaimer: This is not an image from my home ;)

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