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Merry Christmas!!!!

Merry Christmas!!!! ❄️☃️🎄✝❄️

My all-time favorite time of the year has finally arrived!! Lol I'm seriously worse than a kid with presents…

My sweet hubby took me to the mall with him to buy me a present while I was supposed to be exercising… Yes, well… The itch to shop hit me when I noticed really good deals. I was trying not to look… honest!! I mean I was there for exercise right?? Well anyway. I made it out of the store like a bandit and on top of that ended up with an extra pair of boots because of some double shopping and a lost receipt.

Am I satisfied?? NOPE!! I then proceed to become insatiably curious about my other gifts under the tree that until now I have been SUPER good about ignoring I might add. I then begin to shake them all and even go so far as to start to peel at a gift as well. Needless to say my husband had to take me in hand and “help” me to leave them alone. Lol He really is the most patient man, but even he has a line drawn in the sand. 😂

I have a feeling that I will have a hard time telling my kids to leave their gifts alone and then shaking mine when they're in bed… I pray I have the self discipline to not be hypocritical. But even if I slip up I better not come down hard on them if they do… That'd be some awkward humbling conversations right there. 🙃

Well, anyway!! I’m super excited and appreciative of my Saviour, Jesus, the reason for the season, and for all the many blessings He has blessed me with as one of His own. I pray I never forget and get so wrapped up in what new “toy” or clothes I'm getting that I forget the reason for Christmas in the first place.

My Jesus came to be born and die for me so that I could be gifted eternal life with Him. May I never forget to stop and thank Him for His great sacrifice for me, so I could be spoiled on earth as I work to live my life for Him and later live with Him in Heaven. All I have and all I am is because of Him and from Him. I can't ever forget that.

Monday Motivation: Remember Jesus. Remember what He did. Christmas means so much more when you do. Slow down the season for your family so that you can properly remind your children as they can understand. Help them to see the reason for the season, so that they can appreciate their Saviour like they should - more than the gifts under the tree.

Merry, merry, MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE!!!! (and Happy New Years! ;)

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