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Nature's Blessings

This week I wanted to focus on intentionally seeing God. He’s always there. I know that. ;) But, I wanted to focus on seeing Him in the everyday aspects of life - seeing God in a “tangible” way. It got me thinking about how I used to notice Him all the time when I was younger. Now, that I’m “old” and busy with wife-ing, a child of my own, a child on the way, and a brand new business… Well, sometimes it gets hard to see my big God because I’m so focused on looking at all of the things pulling on me.

It’s time to pull back and look for Him again. Just as Pastor was saying in church Sunday morning: You cannot find peace in ‘carnal’ things. Peace can only be found in God. (In my words) If God isn’t “found” in our daily lives, then we won’t have peace. In my “long” lifetime of experience, I have come to realize that every time I get lost under the rubble of a busy, hectic life, I lose sight of God and lose His peace that reassures me that He will get me through whatever is currently burying me in stress. So, over the weekend, God reminded me how to “find” Him in a couple of ways.

It's Fall. Well, that really means that sometimes it's Summer weather and sometimes it's Fall weather, and occasionally it's Winter weather. In the Midwest “Fall” is a rather relative term this time of year.

My two favorite things in nature are sun rays through pockets in the clouds and strong wind. Most people will agree that sun rays are beautiful as the sun tries to peek through the clouds on a particularly cloudy day. But, although I love strong wind, I would have to agree that it's no good when raking leaves or filling a trash bag outside or when trash bins litter the street. So, why, you ask, do I like strong wind so much?

Strong wind is the “tangible” power of God. I love to listen to the wind rush through the leaves in the trees or softly whisper through them. I love to feel it's fingers through my hair! I love when it's strong, nearly pushing me over, that it almost feels as if God holds me in His arms for a short time. The wind is God's embodiment for me. I could sit in the wind and listen to the Holy Spirit speak to my soul through the wind for hours.

This may sound weird or “far out” or even hippie-ish. But God is everywhere, and He is the breath of life that breathes in all living things. He sustains us all. Finding ways to marvel at Him in nature, His creation, is (I believe) the best source of praise we have to offer.

Strong wind can be a nuisance, or we can marvel at God's power displayed.

Monday Motivation: Find things today and through this week that reveals God's marvelous-ness to you. Remembering how powerful God is will help us remember that He has an abundance of power and strength that He's willing to share with us if we ask.

What are special ways that you “see” God?

Comment below to share how you “see” our great Creator!

Thanks for reading! :)

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