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No Excuse

There is no excuse for a bad attitude. There is no excuse for taking out my discomfort or frustrations out on anybody.

I was reminded in church that although my struggles seem like they have to be the worst when I am going through them, others are going through worse. My “trial” is temporary. Others live through theirs daily. I have no excuse for my bad attitude when they are praising God through living paralyzed daily. I have no excuse for complaining of my headache when others deal with tumors or cancer. It could always be worse.

Not only could my itty-bitty issue be a lot worse, but I could also be unsaved. I could be living my life having to make it up as I go. I could be living my life unsure of the end, unsure of what’s going to happen when I die. I have anxiety. I couldn’t imagine living my life without God! It is unthinkable how paranoid I would be. I probably would be one of those weird people who live in fear never leaving their house because of the unseen dangers or germs and other contaminants. Or, I would never drive. That is a dangerous everyday mundane necessity. If not for God, I could not get behind the wheel. What if I killed someone on accident? What if someone killed me? my daughter? My husband and, coming soon, my son?

There are so many what-if’s that it’s just ridiculous to think about. The list would literally never end. That is why it is called resting in the Lord when we trust Him with the outcome of our lives. It is resting when we put out of our minds all the things that could and might keep us up at night. The Bible says we have a “peace that passes all understanding” because those that don’t believe in Jesus don’t have access to it. Jesus is our peace and salvation from the fears of this world and the unknown of where we go when we die.

If we believe in Jesus and His gift of dying on the cross for our sins/imperfections so that we could go to be with Him in Heaven when we die, we have access to that peace. We have the ability to look life in the face and say, “God’s got this!” and sigh in relief.

Because of Jesus, we can smile when we don’t feel good. Because of Jesus, we can swallow that complaint so we don’t taint our spouse’s good day. Because of Jesus, we can be extra loving to an ornery toddler when we are on our last nerve. Because of Jesus, we can be kind to a mean person.

And because of Jesus, we should share this love and gift with as many as we can!

If you are reading this, and you don’t know 100% for sure that you are going to Heaven when you die. Please, PLEASE contact me!

Click this link to find out more:

If you still have questions - fill out the contact form at the bottom of the above page, and I will help you!

Monday Motivation: There’s no excuse for behaving badly with God’s love wrapped all around us in so many ways. Most importantly there’s no valid excuse for not sharing that love and what Jesus did for us. Join me as I strive to be more forthcoming with sharing what Jesus did for me! Go share the Good News with everyone you come across! Direct people to the link above, so that they can know for sure that they are going to Heaven when they die, too.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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