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Overwhelmed? Why?

Overwhelmed? Yep. I’m definitely overwhelmed right now. Why? Because I’m pregnant and emotional. And because I am putting entirely too much pressure on myself.

I am of the current mindset that I should be practically a bestseller by April. That I should have a sustainable profit rolling in while I am on break with my newborn when he comes the first week of April. Why? you ask. Because… I don’t know, frankly. My mind has made itself up and refuses to quit obsessing. My husband has tried to reassure me, and I have accepted his words of encouragement to relax and let things happen at their own pace. But, then I begin to obsess again. I take heart that once the baby is born I will be able to return to a more reasonable thinking pattern.

Well, eventually... Silly me. I will have a newborn and will be nursing in the night. There won’t be any true logical thinking until he sleeps through the night. I am hopeful this happens fast like with my first. ;)

Anyways, it’s a trust and patience issue on my part. I need to be trusting in God’s plan and timeline. Patience… that one is difficult. My ingrown personality trait that loves learning something as quickly as possible and being able to run on a perfectly oiled machine routine makes it nearly impossible. That frankly is a huge part of my motivation behind the obsession.

I so badly want to know what to do already and be running on autopilot. There is so much to learn, people! But, I don’t want to be a millionaire, I say. I just want a decent, consistent income to supplement our home life. There is still a lot to learn and so many tactics to implement. Plus, I’m not a natural sales person. I HATE pushing products or really anything on anyone. My first thought is people will think I’m annoying and not listen.

My books are a real need, though. Young adult fiction really has nothing worth reading to offer. It’s very annoyingly cluttered with junk. There are great story lines with slutty characters or feminism at the focal point or bad language tainting the dialogue. I am trying to invest in recommendations to BookBub and even Goodreads, but sad to say I haven’t had many good reads to recommend. Christian book stores I had given up on, so I really don’t know what they have to offer anymore. But, this issue is what has spurred my desire and passion to write into action. This is what has caused me to become a published author. I want to provide the kind of books I would have wanted to read when I was a teen, so that other teens can feed their need to read with the kind of God-honoring, clean fiction that is lacking.

If you know of anyone that is needing a good read, please send them to to check out my Trilogy. I don’t want them to miss out.

I am collaborating with Kimberly McGraw, so for adults interested in a suspense and thrillers - check out her novel, The Last Brother, also listed on my Books page. You’ll find more about Kimberly on the Home page of my website in the “Author Spotlight” section.

I would love to hear of any reading recommendations for myself!! I am rather desperate!

Reading recommendations I’m currently looking for: (Christian, obviously ;) Contemporary romance, or young adult fiction.

If you have anything for me, leave a comment below and be sure to follow me on BookBub, and/or Goodreads, now to see what I've read and make a few recommendations yourself.

My new releases and special deals will be posted there as well. :)

As always, thank you for reading, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Drop me a comment below, so I know how to be a blessing to you in future posts.

Monday Motivation: Take a “chill pill,” and enjoy my life. Stop rushing it and pushing God’s timeline along. Everything is going at a great pace and will continue to do so with God at the wheel. Stop backseat driving! ;)

P.S. Sorry, this Monday Motivation was more for me. I hope it was a blessing, anyway.

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