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Perfect... Ha!

For some reading my blog, you may be thinking that I live a fantastically perfect life. Honestly, I do but not in the way you think.

Yes, I may be living my perfect purpose, the one I was created to fulfill. I'm a wife, mother, author/blogger/entrepreneur - owning my own publishing company. Sure. On the face it may sound like, “Whoa! She's got it all together and everything she's ever dreamed. Where's the hardships?“

There's a lot I won't be able to share besides elude to for some time because of the sensitivity of the subject and who all was involved, but I'm a real human.

I have insecurities. BOY! Do I have insecurities…

I’m a woman, so obviously I battle with my looks daily. I obviously wonder if I wear too much or not enough makeup or will ever be the “perfect weight”... whatever THAT is! I struggle with if I’m too annoying or too passive or not loving enough. I wonder if I give my family enough time. I wonder if I think about myself too much. Do I set aside my needs enough to care for my family? Is God happy with me? This is supposed to be His business. Am I running it His way in His timing? Am I rushing His timeline for sales? - this one I can answer with a resounding YES!

Because this is His business, I need to focus on keeping my life’s priorities in balance and leave the rest to Him. But, being a human of this generation, it’s not raking in enough doe to suit my pursuits. Meaning like rich status right now. Impossible goal. I know. But I serve a God that does the impossible, so He should be able to do this itty bitty little thing, right? Eh, not if the timing is wrong. God can not be rushed, and I shouldn’t try. It only leads to mistakes and frustration.

This post is just supposed to be a fun “open face” to show you that I'm human just like you. that if it weren't for the grace of God I wouldn't be where I am, married to my husband, enjoying one sweet child, and one on the way - all while my writing dreams come to fruition.

I've had to come to the realization just like you must that just because everyone around me seems to be accomplishing more than me in any given stage of life doesn't mean I'm not fulfilling what I am supposed to when I am supposed to. God has a plan and a timeline for it. Don't rush it! Enjoy it!

Monday Motivation: Be ok with your level of success. Be ok with God's plan and timing. Only He can fulfill you completely as you fulfill your created purpose in His time.

God is perfect. That's why it's ok that we're lacking. He picks up where we leave off and makes what we do beautiful in His time.

Love Him because He sure does love you!!

Happy Monday, readers ;)

"Our life looks perfect... Baha! That's hilarious!"

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