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See the Positive

I feel as if I need this post more that you probably do. It's been crazy here in my life lately, especially in my head. I have put so much (needless) pressure on myself over hitting deadlines for this new adventure of mine.

I love this business that I created as it embodies all of my dreams from growing up. God has blessed me with a man with tech savvy genius and some business wisdom to boot. I get to write and reach people with my work now rather than hope and worry over publishers turning me down for years.

But, it's the people pressure that is getting to me. Oh, no one is pressuring me directly that I have to meet such-and-such deadlines now, or hounding me when my current book will be released... and the next one... etc. No, I am hounding myself for them. Why? You ask. Because I am a people-pleaser. I don't seem to have the ability to shut off the part of my brain that causes the enormous, needless stress of worrying about what others MIGHT be thinking. Thus, I'm stressing about a business that, currently, hardly anyone knows about anyway.

To be honest, knowing that not very many people are going to be reading this post makes it really easy to poor my heart out. ;)

Anyway, back to the purpose of this week's blog post - "See the Positive."

My mom taught me a great way to reset when my head begins to spin out of control, which is rather ironic because she stresses even more than me, I think. She taught me to stop, pray, and name five blessings.

So, today, with all my stressing, I have to stop - remember God is bigger than all of my worries and that this business is ultimately His anyway, pray - ask Him to settle my thoughts and carry my burdens for me (He's SO much more capable!), and name five blessings. These blessing can literally be anything that makes you smile. Little things like the color of the sky, your hair turned out today, or even just that you like your house. Anything!

So, without further ado, here's mine ;)

Five Blessings:

1) I have an affectionate daughter. (childhood answered prayer)

2) My husband has dark hair ;) (also a childhood answered prayer)

3) I get to write books and make money to help my family doing it.

4) God loves me!

5) I have enough clothes for my pregnancy.

There's no rule anywhere that says you have to stop there. If you happen to think of more - keep going!! The more blessings you can think of the better, the longer it will take for you to fall into a mental tail-spin again.

Monday Motivation: Next time you start getting blinded by stress, Stop, Pray, and Name Five Blessings.

Have a great week - until next time!

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