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Silver Linings and Goals

Happy New Years Eve!

I hope everyone’s Christmas was fun-filled and relaxing. ;)

We had a scary Christmas Eve and slightly stressful Christmas Day. Our daughter had a seizure due to a spontaneously spiked temperature. I nearly had a panic attack! We took her to the hospital, and she was given medicine then she was fine. But that night and the next day was stressful making sure I didn’t over-wrap her again, and she didn’t have another fever spike. God was good, and her fever broke that night and didn’t return. Even while she was sick and my husband was also sick, we all managed to enjoy our Christmas and my family that lives in town sent lots of food and love our way. They were a great help and encouragement.

Even in the stressful times and when things don’t go the way we planned, there are silver linings as God shows Himself strong once again. He is in control. I had to remind myself over and over while my child was unresponsive and breathing weird on the way to the hospital. Even that night I had to repeatedly put her in His care mentally, so that I could rest in the peace of knowing that God still lives, cares, and is completely able to take care of mine and my family’s needs.

Because of trusting in Him, we were able to rest more on Him and enjoy the time of year even in the midst of fear. God removed the danger and the fear, and we were able to give Him the glory He deserved during the time of year dedicated to His Son coming to be born to die and raise up from the dead for us. It was all very scary, but our faith in Him is strengthened. (Silver Lining)

I am looking forward to this New Year and all that God is going to do in it! There are so many things I want to do with this company in order to further douse the book market with some clean epic fiction! I wish to bring all the glory to the One who gave me this dream and (dare I say) talent. ;) My passion for books and writing I hope to use for bringing the kinds of books I wish were available for me as a teen and now as an adult.

I would love some feedback on the kinds of reads you are currently searching for and hope to see through Krouching Tiger Publications?

Hopefully in the New Year, one of my goals is to locate and maybe even team up with other authors with my same dream offering a broader selection of reads. If you have any authors you would like me to contact, PLEASE contact me. I would love the input and suggestions!

As always share my name and my books with all of those you know and spread the word about this blog. I only hope to be a blessing in this avenue as God has directed me to do.

Monday Motivation: What goals does God have for you? If you don’t know, I encourage you to find out. His goals and dreams for your life will blow your mind like He has for me!

Thank you for reading! Happy New Years, everyone!!

** If you haven’t started my Serum Trilogy series, now’s the time! The Serum Genesis is on sale for a limited time only. Click on over to my “Books” page and grab your copy.

The Serum Deception is also available, so you don’t have to worry about being left hanging after book one. ;) **

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