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Talk to me, people!

Readers, this week I have become curious about you. Would you be willing to give me some feedback?

I’d love to know what you would like to read about, or what kind of expectations you have reading a blog titled “Monday Motivations”?

This blog is to serve you, after all. What kind of topics are you, readers, looking for in this blog? What has been a blessing to you so far? What is something your blog friends like to read about?

I would even like to hear some topics that you’d like to “talk” about. I’d like to periodically suggest a topic at the end of a blog and see what your opinions are on them. How it would work: I will suggest a topic to discuss at the end of a post, and I would like you to email/comment your opinion on the topic. I will then share a short collection of opinions in the following week’s blog. Sound like fun? What kind of topics would you like to talk about?

Please comment below with your topics, suggestions, and other feedback!

Odd thoughts for the week...

I have had pregnancy brain as of late, and it is infuriating - I’m not going to lie. ;)

It’s mostly the unrealistic expectations that I put on myself that is getting to me. Plus, all the forgetfulness going on. Last week I “sent” like seven mental text messages. One of those messages was to inform/ask if it was ok that I was coming to a girl’s movie night. I definitely showed up with my daughter, and my friend didn’t know that I was coming - EMBARRASSING! Thankfully, she is awesome and took it in stride. She made plenty of food, and I brought dessert. All was well. :)

But, that’s not all. My daughter hasn’t had but like one bath in a week and several pee blow-outs! That’s called, “I-forgot-the-last-time-I-changed-your-diaper” mom-moment. Poor girl. I will be better I know, and this is just a phase. I know that, too. It still is frustrating, and I have an overactive guilt complex that makes it worse.

I have the best husband, people! (If my blogs feel scattered from topic to topic, well, welcome to my brain. Hopefully I’ll be more focused after my baby boy is born in April or more accurately in May-June. ;) My husband is SO patient with me. He has been dealing with hormonal-emotions and my topic changes for a while now. When I’m not pregnant, I know to work on being clear in my change of directions. When I am pregnant, I forget to be considerate and bounce around topics like a ping pong ball… but, even less predictably. He still doesn’t yell at me! He never raises his voice at me unless he’s excited about something. It’s awesome! He just nicely says, “I’m lost,” and proceeds to tell me the last topic in which we were both on the same page.

Is your husband this awesome? Ladies, that are married, if your husband is this awesome, show him some love and appreciation. Be humble enough to understand that we as women are difficult to live with. Tell your husband that you appreciate him for not giving up on having a relationship and conversation with you. If he has given up, help him to try again and don’t give up on him. Be more considerate, and pay attention to your topic changes and give warning. You guys can do it!

I figured out a long time ago that I was difficult to live with after living inside my own head for the last __ years. ;) Why would I expect my husband to have more patience with me if I don’t have that much patience for my own self?! My husband is this awesome, and I’m constantly blown away by it. I even call him my Captain Awesome. Cheesy? Yup. LOL But, then we are cheesy, so there you have it.

Sorry if this sounds “preachy”... I just have an amazing marriage that I believe others can have, too. My husband and I both want to “make it.” We decided before we got married that divorce wasn’t an option. Ladies, can I be honest? I decided for myself that I would do everything in my power to make myself the least difficult to live with. I want him to know I love him every day. I want to ease his burden of work done at home. I don’t pester him to do things. I write them down and after a while I will remind him. If he realizes that I’ve already asked him to do that thing he will jump up and get it done. He’s so loving! I don’t want him cringing when he gets home worrying about a list of to-do’s that I will spout at him. I want to show him how much I am excited to see him, and I want him to do the same to me. I have to be a person worth being excited about. If I’m not kind and considerate of him, then I won’t be.

Odd topic, and I didn’t know that this would become this kind of post, but there you have it: a peek into Kay’s head. This is what goes on a lot of the time... I lust and drool over my husband for being the kind of guy that would be willing to marry and love on me. I am SO blessed. I hope you see how blessed you are.

Monday Motivation: If you feel your marriage strained, are you making yourself easy to live with? How do you approach your spouse? With love, respect and awe at what God has given you? He works for you, and he married you, and fathers kids with you. Love him and appreciate him. He is your very own. You are his very own. Make yourself a person worth being excited to see at the end of the day. Make yourself fall in love with your husband again. You’ll love your marriage just as much as me, too! ;)

Thanks for reading!

**Please, answer the aforementioned questions at the top of the page. I REALLY want your feedback! Going into the new year I’d like to incorporate some of what I mentioned.**

P.S. Reminder: The Serum Deception is available in Kindle ebook version and will be released this next Monday! Be on the lookout and grab your copy first thing Monday!

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