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Thanksgiving Week! Eeek!!

It's Thanksgiving week people!! I'm SO excited! I absolutely love the holidays!! They are nostalgic for me, and a time where, of course, I reminisce about all the great things God has done in my life.

This year, I'm obviously looking forward to all the amazing food coming 😋 My personal favorite is my mom's scalloped corn - yum! What's your favorite dish? My husband's favorite pie is Blueberry. I think I share my dad's favorite of strawberry rhubarb, but a good apple pie is a close second doused in Cool Whip. 😆

Of course, Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful, begun by the pilgrims that originally began the founding of our country. For them, I am thankful. I am thankful that they trusted that God is better and bigger than all their hardships that they endured. I'm grateful that they desired to raise their children in a place free from opposing cultures' views. I'm thankful for this country - having been born here and raised in the very foundations the purpose of this country was begun: to glorify God.

There are so many personal things to be thankful for… honestly I'm so overwhelmed with God's blessings. I told my husband the other day that I felt rich. We're not rich, but I feel rich with how much God is blessing us.

Here's a short list:

- My home is amazing and renovated how we wanted

- I have a super loving husband

- I have an affectionate daughter

- I get to stay home and raise her

- I get to write books for my God and the age groups I feel are lacking good reads

- I have another child on the way, I get to feel the child grow within me

- God loves me

- Jesus saved me!

- I have great neighbors

- I don't starve for lack of food

- I am amply provided for (needs and even small splurges)

- super comfy bed 😜

- my husband and I go on dates

- I have family close by for babysitting

- I have family all around that love me and are all Christians (that I know of)

- I'm a fourth generation Christian

- I have a great church to go to that loves serving God and others

- I get to be a blessing in areas in my church

- People actually read my blog 😉

This is truly a “short” list. I really could go on forever thanking God for the life He's blessed me with! I'm living my dream life - not without its difficulties - but pretty perfect this side of Heaven. ❤️

People what are you thankful for?

Monday Motivation:

List what your thankful for. Stop, take a breather from the business of this time of year, and give thanks. It's necessary if we're really going to enjoy the life we're given. I hope reading through some of my blessings didn't make you envious, but instead caused you to think of the things in your life that you're thankful for. 😉

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!

Be sure to drop a comment below: what you're thankful for or most looking forward to this week.

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