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Too Much Weight!

Have you ever…

Put too much on yourself?

Too much responsibilities, pressure, goals?

I do. All. The. Time. I believe that I am expected and have to keep up with every chore in the house. I believe that I am supposed to be doing everything for the kids: playing with them feeding them on time every time, forcing liquids every five minutes into my toddler, and walking behind her making sure she picks up her toys all while doing my chores and constantly nursing my baby boy. I believe that I am just not good enough on anything because none of it is perfect. I believe that because I feel worn thin that I must be inadequate. And my goals???? Well. I somehow have it that I am supposed to be a millionaire before my 25th birthday. Next year. In February. Yeah, not very realistic. All of this somewhat exaggerated, but not by much, except maybe the millionaire part. LOL

Anyways. I am thankful for my husband because when I get off focus and a little nuts like this, my husband is kind enough to rescue me from this spiraling whirlwind of insanity and tell me that all that is ridiculous in his charming, kind way. He is good about resetting my focus and helping me take off some of my self-imposed pressures and overly unrealistic expectations for myself.

I steadily work and manage to make some progress. But, because I constantly get interrupted during my chores, I have lots of started chores lying around. That gets discouraging. Yeah... my house would need a good once over. Meaning, everything would get shoved into my room with the door locked, and I would have to quickly throw away all of the dishes and buy new ones and wipe down the counters. Not really. But, I would definitely be shoving things into my room and changing the table cloth and feverishly washing dishes while the baby cried a little in-between loads. Stressful, but the job would get done for the company’s arrival.

God created us for balance though. An imbalance is an abomination to Him. (“A false balance is abomination to the Lord: but a just weight is His delight.” Prov. 11:1) Not only that, but it’s not healthy for us. If it’s so bad, why do we allow it to continue in our homes?

I don’t know, but I for one am on a mission to fighting it. I have certainly not arrived nor do I think that it is possible with a small baby. But I still aim to please my God and do what’s healthy for me and my family. I am striving to find that balance in my life. I hope to find it.

Monday Motivation: What is stressing you out? What is throwing your life out of balance? Find it, and ditch it. Or, bring it to submission. My calling to write books and grow my publication company is all good and dandy... in moderation. And, it better not take away from my first calling as a wife/mother.

Bring your life back into balance to please and do more for the Lord, but also for your family’s health. <3

Happy Monday!

Stay tuned for that guest blogger I told you about and an upcoming sneak peek into The Serum Revelation! Yup, you read right. The third book of The Serum Trilogy draft is finally almost done! So, be looking for that sneak peek in your email… ;)

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