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Waterworks - Exciting and Stressful

Well! My baby boy is likely going to make his debut any day this week or next week, so stay tuned for that announcement in the upcoming blog posts. He feels pretty ready to be born, and this momma is definitely ready for him to come out! LOL

I have had some rather not so great news since our state of Nebraska has decided to flood. My husband is thinking that we may need to have our son delivered at a different hospital than I was promised since it will take an extremely long time to arrive at the hospital because almost every highway leading in that direction is flooded and blocked off. We are nearly completely closed off from the north and east-ish avenues of leaving our small town. I haven’t heard since if the last highway has since been flooded. This was rather stressful to hear after walking three hours at the zoo and being a very very tired nine-month-pregnant momma late at night. Yeah, my husband’s timing may have been a bit off.

I have heard that waters have receded some, and that has made it easier to trust that maybe God will work it out that my son be born at the hospital that I have prayed for and the doctor I have been seeing. I really need this birth to be different and better than my last experience. My last experience: I had no idea who would be attending to me and hated the environment. I have heard such great raves about the hospital that my doctor delivers at, so I am really praying that it will still work out to be delivering my baby there.

I am determined to trust God in this, and remember if this is my only concern right now I have it REALLY good. Others have lost SO much during this natural disaster. This flooding has taken many, many homes and vehicles from families. Families have been evacuated to shelters and had to receive charity donations because they have lost everything. My annoyance at having to drive an extra hour or more out of the way is nothing compared to some of the loss experienced during this time. Livestock has been lost. Wild animals have been displaced from their natural habitats, and people have lost their lives to save others as roads collapse or retrieving them from their homes.

It could always be worse. Whatever you are experiencing or have experienced. It could be worse. We need to pull ourselves out of our pity parties to remember the billions of others that inhabit this world with us. We are not the only ones experiencing troubles or hardships. We should not be the only ones existing in our worlds. Widen your horizons and take a minute to pray for those hurting in your area, in your world. Pray for someone other than yourself.

Our hardships are not unimportant. No, they matter, but they also shouldn’t be our only focus. We can voice our concerns to the One Who can do something about it, and then we should move on to be a blessing to someone else. Prayer is the greatest and most influential thing we can do for anyone. God is the all-powerful One with unlimited capabilities and resources to make any and every situation better. Go to Him for it all. He can handle it and more!

Monday Motivation: After taking our concerns to the God of all creation, take others’ concerns to Him as well. Their concerns are important too. They might not affect you, but be compassionate and love on those people by taking their concerns to God as well. If it’s within your power and capabilities to help in whatever capacity - go for it! Do it! Even doing something that seems small can be a big blessing to that person.

Thanks for reading!

**Stay tuned for baby announcements and future freebies just for you and your friends! Be sure to have them subscribe to Monday Motivations so that they can find out how to get in on the freebies as well!

The beauty and necessity of water can distract from the damage it can also cause - pray for the flood victims of Nebraska.

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