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Where's My Brain?!

Ever had a week where you just don't even know how you're functioning?

I had one last week. My church had Vacation Bible School going on, and my husband and I ran the church bus for our town. My brother and his wife ran the other bus. It. Was. Crazy.

My husband and I worked literally all day every day that week. It was lots of work, but many came to know Jesus and got saved. If you don't know what I'm talking about… Stop right now and click here.

Seeing all of the salvations made it all worth it. The headaches... the exhaustion...the stiff muscles... the constant feeling of being overwhelmed. It was all worth it for all the kids that got saved.

My brain is still fried, and I have been running on survival fuel for days. I'm overwhelmed all over again because of all of the catch-up work to do at home. If I let myself dwell on everything I have weighing on me and how much time my own kids needed from me after dealing with a week of a bus full of 50 kids all clamoring for my attention and me desperately trying to remember at least a little something about each of them and of course memorizing all of their names… If I let myself dwell on all that then, yeah, I would probably just end up quitting.

That would be selfish. It's really hard not to want to quit when you feel that low and strained. But remember all the good things that came from the work, from giving your kids that time you didn't want to, that choice you made to talk nice instead of snapping at your loved one because your mind and resolve are snapping at once.

You are able to bless someone even when you are hurting. God can use your efforts if you continue to push through for Him. See that though? You have to be putting forth the effort for God. Not the kids, not your spouse, not anyone else. That will never be fulfilling enough.

Eventually, you'll find yourself wanting your efforts returned. Then they won't be, and you'll get frustrated.

But if you do your work for God, you'll be fulfilling the purpose He gave to all mankind: serving Him with the goal of glorifying His name.

Monday Motivation: Double check your motives for why you do what you do, and remember all the good that came from your efforts to keep you from getting burnt out from doing God's work to those around you who might not be grateful per se. God sees and is loving it! He loves you.

Thanks for reading!

Happy Monday!!

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