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Who's Your Stability?

Who keeps you stable? My answer: my husband and my God.

As a woman I have days when I feel off kilter. When I feel off kilter, there doesn’t seem to be an “up.” When I feel off kilter, there doesn’t seem to be a “down,” “straight,” or “backwards” - I am incapable of thinking logically. Forget having a plan for that day anymore. I have become lost in my own mind.

My husband is often my voice of reason, but mostly...

On these days, I couldn’t be more grateful to be a Christian. God truly is my Saviour! I really couldn’t even function on these days without Him. If not for Him they would be a wash. With Him I can accomplish tasks albeit more slowly than if I had all of my faculties in working order, but a few chores is better than none, eh?

When I feel unstable, God is my stability. I have to rely on Him to direct each step. Knowing that reading my Bible is/should always be first - really helps to make that first step of the day. From there I ask God what is next and trust that my next thought is His directing. That’s my next plan of action. Without the Holy Spirit to help direct me, I really don’t know what I would do.

Well, actually let me give you a glimpse at what those days look like. When I forget to involve God and consult the Holy Spirit to direct me, I try to make the day work and fail. I may accomplish one thing right, but in the end I will have a multitude of chores and tasks begun and unfinished all around me: a perfect picture of my very thoughts, chaos.

God is order. He is stability. When I am unstable or unorganized, He needs to be my first stop. He needs to be the “first number I call on speed-dial.” I need Him every day, but on these days I literally lean on His every direction. These days I believe are supposed to be a reminder of how I am supposed to live everyday. Even when I “have it all together” (which is pretty much never, but my better days), I am supposed to rely on His wisdom and direction as if I am drowning. As a human I will never make the perfect decisions to do this every time. But, as I was reminded from my husband’s preaching, in Jr Church no less, I can make more good decisions with God’s help and less bad decisions.

Monday Motivation: Let’s live today and everyday as if we can not function without God’s help - because we can’t. The world may give us a false sense of success for a while, but if we don’t know 100% what we’re doing is fulfilling the purpose we were created for - we will in turn become unfulfilled. God’s purpose is more fulfilling and more satisfying than anything the rest of the world is doing because we were literally created to do His will.

Enjoy the stability that is God and His wisdom in the guiding of your every step in every single day.

Thanks for reading!

“See” you next week ;)

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