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Kindle eBook: $2.99
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Download PDF: $2.99

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Paperback: $13.99

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The Serum Genesis (Book 1)

A scientist on the verge of a compelling breakthrough leaves his wife and daughter in the dead of night for unknown reasons never to be heard from again...

A man in Norway, seeking money and answers to life-changing questions, changes course to help reunite the scientist and his daughter...

Hundreds of children, teens, and adults are kidnapped all over the USA and injected with a genetic altering serum...

Will the scientist ever be found? Will the man from Norway find what he's truly after? Who's behind the kidnappings?


John Maynard overhears a plot to kidnap a woman. Being a man who loves a good challenge, John changes course from taking a long-anticipated vacation to, hopefully, save the day.
Kellie Yassiff indulges a friend and attends a charity function without realizing the mistake this would turn out to be. Kellie discovers the possibility that perhaps what she was led to believe all her life – could possibly have been a lie.
Jack Jett and Stephanie Nelson discover that there are way more people that had been kidnapped than they had imagined. Hundreds – literally hundreds have been kidnapped, conditioned, and injected with a serum hidden away in a compound. The more Jack and Stephanie snoop around the more they discover that something bigger is at hand than even they know. 
The operation must go down and all behind it. Thanks to the serum injection that they received – they are now equipped enough that they just might have a chance. 

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