Mission statement

Krouching Tiger Publications’ mission is to produce the kind of God-honoring books that will capture young adult and adult readers until the last page. The goal is to reach and serve as many people for Christ through this company and through the act of writing as possible. Let each word reflect Christ in every letter!


Because this is believed to be a God-given passion and dream, it is requested that you would pray for the author(s) and this company - that they would uphold His values in every way. Please, pray that God would breathe His blessing and His wealth of prosperity on the author(s) and this company for His glory.

Thank you to everyone who prays this prayer, for the author(s) published here, and for this company!


Other ways to support Kay Bowser and Krouching Tiger Publications:

- uplifting messages through: the "contact me" forum on my website, Facebook messenger on the Kay Bowser author page, or by email

- read posted blogs on the website

- spreading the word about Kay Bowser, Krouching Tiger Publications and KTP’s book selection

- writing reviews for the books

- and, of course, by buying the books!


Happy reading!


**Note: We are currently not accepting manuscript submissions for publication.


(Most importantly, before you leave! Do you know 100% for sure that you will go to Heaven when you die?

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Kimberly McGraw

Kimberly McGraw