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Krouching Tiger Club 
For Writers
Will you be a part of it???

Hi! Thank you for coming <3

You're here because I have requested money donations to provide Scholarships for young writers, aged 12-18, that wish to become authors through my Krouching Tiger Club. 

The Krouching Tiger Club for Writers is a 12 month program that will take these young writers from start to finish in their journey to become authors. Whether they wish to become published is their choice. But, through this program their dream (however big their vision for themselves is) is entirely possible. 

I will train them in a live video each week and follow-up through email and a private Facebook group locked up tight, available only for members. 

Your funds (scholarship money) will pay for their member fee, a professional editor, a cover designer and potentially publication of their manuscript as they so choose. 

When the program is finished and their manuscript is ready for publication or published, we will celebrate! We would absolutely love to have you a part of that celebration, whether face-to-face or virtually. You are, after all, the reason one (or more) of our young adults have been able to turn their dreams into a reality. You deserve to be thanked for that. 

Fairy Lights


Thank you for coming! <3

Scholarships for...

Be a sponsor and help these young adults' dreams
become a reality.

As a young girl, I always dreamed of becoming an author and would have loved to have realized my dreams so much sooner - to have had an opportunity such as this available to me would have meant the world! 

So, know that whatever you are able to donate will mean the world to another young writer such as I was.

With much love and gratitude,

Kay Bowser 

Author & Founder of

Krouching Tiger Publications

Your Epic, Clean Fiction Dealer

Kay Bowser Profile_edited.png

Club Costs...

$173.95 per month


Member Fee $700

Editor $1,000

Publishing $150

*Author Copy $30

Print Book costs:

Formatting $100

Cover $100

**Author Copy**

This is a print paperback that will be shipped to the Young Author.

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