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The Serum Genesis (1)

Kellie Yassiff believed her father to be dead, but now she's being kidnapped. Kellie has to escape and find answers to questions she thought were buried long ago with the help of an unlikely accomplice.

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The Serum Deception (2)

Brothers trying to reunite, allies coming together, but are they too late? A new evil shows himself before our unprepared heroes can champion their first problem. Will they be able to take down George Hornfield before this new threat takes them down?

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The Serum Revelation (3)

While John and Kellie have been growing closer, Mark Yassiff may have discovered a new danger lurking in the dark. This monster has to go down or the whole world could be in jeopardy…

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 Gia (Coming Soon!)

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Fantasy meets reality in a mind-spinning info session on her balcony when Gia discovers a whole new world and her secret betrothed all on her graduation night in the shape of an excruciatingly patient man and a super snarky girl--and they’re both tiny.

Suspense & Thriller

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The Last Brother

Bree Wallace is the next chosen victim of the renowned serial killer, Archie White, better known as The Nylon Killer. But he died in a fire five years ago. So when Bree manages a daring escape, no one believes her story. No one, except for Sean Hamilton, a police lieutenant with a personal interest in Bree's story.

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Married to a Murderer

A dedicated secret government assassin striving to annihilate his boss runs into a sticky situation that involves matrimony. With limited resources and backup, the agent and his new wife are essentially on their own. The name of the game is survival. The goal: to annihilate the enemy before they get caught. The stakes: world domination or worse - their lives.

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Coming Soon


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The Heart of Rosy

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Join Rosy and her animal friends on an adventure of courage and love. Rosy must decide what to do when a war breaks out in her small, island country. She finds courage in the face of danger and makes a big discovery that kindness, love, and bravery can make a huge difference. . . and maybe even save a country!

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