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Paperback: $13.99

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The Serum Deception (Book 2)

Jack Jett and Stephanie Nelson have two goals: find Jack’s twin brother and locate George Hornfield. Not totally sure how to navigate this big unfamiliar world, they move as quickly as possible following Jack’s telepathic connection to his twin brother, thanks to Drake Garrison’s talents. Hitchhiking proves to be their main mode of transportation as they cross state lines searching for George.


Drake and Gale Bailey, meanwhile, are back on the island attempting to unite the Nordoms to defeat George Hornfield when an even more frightening enemy comes out of hiding to cause more trouble.


Thane Jett, Jack’s twin brother, is suddenly thrown into a whirlwind of adventures. He is running for his life all while coming to grips with the fact that he has new abilities. On the run, Thane mows down a nosy girl, Natalia Shaleigh, that he just can’t shake.


Natalia is a writer for a magazine and is struck with the horrible disease of writer’s block.  Adventure runs into her, literally. She clings to this opportunity with all her might – sure that this is her ticket to breaking her writer’s block. She has no idea what she is getting herself into.

Kindle eBook: $3.99

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