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Kindle eBook: $3.99

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Paperback: $13.99

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The Serum Revelation (Book 3)

In the finale of the Serum Trilogy, returning characters enter the scene to help save the day as a danger more sinister than they could have imagined threatens their world.

John and Kellie have been growing closer in the last couple of months. Kellie’s father, Mark, has been getting reacquainted with his family that he had been torn from 17 years ago. While working from home to appease his apprehensive wife, and with John’s insight, Mark may have discovered a new danger lurking in the dark.


Jack, Thane, Stephanie, and Natalia run into a downright evil looking 'man' – if he can be called that. They discover that maybe George Hornfield wasn’t the real threat after all.


Who is this creature, and what are his plans since George was obviously just a puppet?


Drake and Gale have met this creature and can’t get away from him fast enough. Can they escape and find their friends before it’s too late?


This monster has to go down or the whole world could be in jeopardy…

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