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This is a topic that is widely spoken of in a tolerance mindset. People are coming out and talking about the fact that they have anxiety, but I see little in the way of help for this serious struggle in humans.

I have anxiety. It is a big part of why I am very introverted and have a hard time in crowds and why I have agoraphobia. Life stinks sometimes. Like really stinks. I have panic attacks that I don’t always know why or how they were triggered. Sometimes they are big, and sometimes they are small. Either way, they are never pleasant. I sweat and hyperventilate and can’t think straight and my chest gets very tight. I often can only think “Help me, God!” I will get so stuck that I can’t even ask my husband standing right next to me for help. I don’t even really know all the things that help. I have a few though.

My husband is actually the one who suggested that I write this post. I am very self-conscious about having anxiety, and my body is highly trained not to hyperventilate unless I am in private. That doesn’t mean that I can breathe easy I just won’t have a scene in public. I have a worse fear of being asked, ‘how can I help you’ and not being able to respond with the answer because I can’t. At least not in the moment and my mind is often affected for a while after the ordeal. So explaining myself even after it’s over is not really an option.

My husband thought that it would be beneficial that someone spoke up about some helps. I have been collecting some helps while going through severe anxiety and depression last summer in 2020. For as much as 2020’s weirdness didn’t directly affect me, I had had many straining, long-term circumstances that all accumulated and sent me over the edge last summer. God had to do some crazy lotta work on me that summer. He’s still working on me, but we have come very far from the beginning of the summer.

Anxiety Helps:

  • Singing out loud. If you can catch it before it takes control (I can’t always), then I encourage you to sing. Sing your favorite tune or any song that comes to mind. Singing about God being my help has been the biggest help here.

  • Listen to music. I try to listen to music all the time. I will list this in the preventatives as well, but this is great for both. Listen to songs that are uplifting and remind you of God’s greatness and abilities to be a miracle worker in your life. I have a song or two that I would listen to on repeat when I got too depressed and had to close myself away until the worst of it would pass.

  • Pray. Pray out loud. Pray first for help but keep it short and quickly move on to praises and thanksgiving. Thank God for every small thing you see with your eyes and even the abstract that comes to mind. Keep thanking Him until you run out of things. Try to avoid the negative thoughts that will try to push their way in. You will probably cry through your prayers. I do. That’s ok. The tears are actually good. I have to remind myself that sometimes tears are necessary. I am embarrassed to cry, so my body waits too long to have this emotional release.

  • Slow your breaths as much as possible. Try to take control of them. In and out, big and deep. Aim to fill your lungs to capacity or what is comfortable. Pause each breath momentarily before taking or releasing the next one.

  • Drink tea. If you don’t like it, try doctoring it with milk and honey - or lemonade if you’re drinking a fruity tea, so that you will like it. No coffee or energy drinks. These caffeinated buzz beverages will only feed your feeling of being out of control.


  • Read your Bible every day. Even just a verse or a Proverbs a day. So crucial. Doing this will remind you of God. Remembering God is so important because it reminds you that you aren’t in this life alone no matter the state of your other relationships. God is there and able to help you. I have had many days when I couldn’t handle life and sought outside help and was let down. But, God was there, and even just being able to vent to Him about the struggles and how hurt I was that those I turned to for help weren’t there for me when I needed them was enough to finish the day. He got me through it. He can get you through, too.

  • Listen to music. I mentioned this already but listen to music. Nothing too low key. Everything comfortable and even peppy. Music that uplifts your spirit will help you. Anything that makes you want to laugh and maybe even dance a jig is perfect. ;) No, rock music. Absolutely never. Never Never NEVER feed the feelings causing you to spiral. You must counter them with good. Introspective music isn’t even very good until you have had at least two days of panic attack free days. At least in my experience.

  • Keep talking to God and your close relationships. Those that mean the most to you, talk to them. When I have a panic attack, I can still see that the panic is illogical and makes me so embarrassed and I just want to go hide in a box. Go talk to God or your spouse or close friends and family instead. Talk to that person that you are most comfortable with and allow them to encourage you.

  • Discover what is lacking in your diet or life. My mind and body need a few things that REALLY helps in minimizing how many panic attacks I have. It could be: interaction with friends or my spouse, time with God, getting outside of the house on a regular basis that is comfortable for me, some vitamins, massages (If I have a lot of knots that are releasing bad toxins, this will affect my mood and lead to a panic attack if unchecked.) regular stretching can help with that and overall body health. Your mind and your body’s health is a big big factor in how many and often you will have panic attacks and the severity of your anxiety.

Anxiety and Panic Attacks may not be in our control, but they have a purpose even though we would give anything to live without them. I wish so much that I didn’t. I can only come to terms with them in the hope that I have them so that I can help someone else. I haven’t conquered them. I still have them. I might always have them. However, it would be worth it if I could be a help or most of all someone came to know my God the way I know Him. That would make it worth it.

Monday Motivation: If you have anxiety, it is ok. You don’t have to feel like less of a person because of it. But, there are things that you can do to minimize their effects. Be sure to try some of the preventatives listed above. Keep in contact with your close relationships, and most of all God. If you would like to talk to me, I would love to hear from you: email me here. I would love to listen and pray for you! <3

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

I hope that it was a help to someone and that If you have any questions about God and having a relationship like mine where He gets you through your worst days, please, please contact me at the email above. I would love to help you meet Him and get to know Him. I also know for a fact that He really wants that relationship with you, too. If you’re not comfortable contacting me first, read this in the meantime: . This will get you started and if you still have questions my email is at the bottom of the page.

If you want to talk to someone else, I have contacts I can connect you with at my church. God loves you, and I just felt that after this kind of topic God is the best help there is for anxiety, so I wanted you to have the opportunity to meet Him if you haven’t already. Please, don’t wait! Can’t wait to hear from you!




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