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Caged Spirit

I had inadvertently caged my spirit away. I have fed it through the bars and even coaxed it to come out every once in a while in private even around my family. Too often I have shoved it back in the cage because others are around, and I’m self-conscious.

Recently on my birthday (2-4-2020), my spirit broke free from the cage I’d shoved it into. My spirit finally broke from its confines to commune with God in the intimate fashion of my childhood days. Through singing.

I'm not a great singer by any means and since the words are coming from my heart, they are somewhat out of tune sometimes, but I am finally not holding back in the safe environment that God has given me. I am allowing myself the freedom to let my spirit to commune with God's Spirit and my heart to sing out anything and everything. My prayers are spewing forth much more naturally again. Through singing, I share my whole heart instead of just letting Him look at it in His all-powerful, all-knowledge. Now, I can just say it. I’m a little rusty, but I finally feel free to just do it. That freedom brings back the intimacy I’ve missed. Intimacy was still there with God, but it was dull compared to the vibrancy it used to be. Now it is vibrant and open and a breath of fresh air.

My God! My God, He is wonderful!! My heart and my Spirit cry out in joy at knowing You and Your love!! Hold me!! Hold me close, Father, and let me bask in your presence and feel your all-encompassing peace and happiness that only You can give. That happiness that is an enduring joy, let it overflow and fill my life’s cup. Use me for your glory. Dear Father, hear the cries of petition and joy as my spirit communes with Yours.

Thank You for the relationship that only You can give. Thank You for You and everything You are to me! Help me never to be afraid to sing again. Let my tongue loose, and allow it to sing Your praise and allow my heart to cling to You with joy and every supplication. Continue your powerful work in me, so that I may sing of it forever❤️

Monday Motivation: Our homes and our family should be our safe place. But even if it's uncomfortable for a while, allow God to be your safe place and openly sing to Him. Allow your heart and spirit the freedom to commune with God in the full intimacy that He intended for all of us. ❤️

Happy Monday!!

Have a good week 😀

Give yourself the permission God has already given you to be completely open and forthcoming with Him in your woes and your joys. If singing isn't your thing, just praying out loud could add a more tangible element to your relationship with God. Try it!

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