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The Christian life is not a cakewalk. Knowing God and allowing Him to be involved in your life makes it easier than not having Him, but being a Christian and living life as a human is still hard.

Being a human is hard work. We're needy. And taking care of equally needy humans (aka children or even other family members) can take its toll. Sometimes you can even get so wrapped up in taking care of them that sometimes we get left behind. It's good to take care of yourself but it's not ok to let others fall into the not important category and vice versa. Balance is key here. It feels impossible, but it's so important. Letting God run your life will eventually show the fruit of a balanced life. We just have to be careful not to try to take back that control or everything will fall out of balance all over again.

This happens to me a lot and then I feel like my life is spinning out of control. Or sometimes it feels like no matter how much I try to put God first and listen to the Holy Spirit's prompts in my day to day goings ons, it seems like I keep missing the mark. Lately, I have felt so lost. I have so many clear targets but there ARE SO MANY of them. I feel like I'm not treading any water and hitting any of them. I'm working so hard with few results.

My focus is skew, and I can't seem to stay focused if I ever find it. Everything about my life is skittish. My emotions, my health, my parenting, my patience, my attitude, my phone, my joy, my ambition, my direction… I'm just really trying hard but not sure if I'm gaining any ground. I've made a lot of messes in a lot of the areas in my life, and it's very disappointing.

Then I had a pretty bad blow that I won't explain because to some it would sound silly to cry over but it was really important to me, and I can't get it back. It hurt. I did cry. It was the straw that broke the camel's back today, and I just couldn't go another minute pretending that everything was fine. Thankfully my husband was sweet and understanding, and he held me while I cried on his shirt. (Yeah, I know it sounds like I quoted a romance novel. But guys, he's real and he's mine.😍)

Monday motivation: Life is unsettling, hard, awful, hurtful and discouraging. Thankfully God is stable, kind, amazing, and encouraging. He offers peace when it doesn't make sense. Even though I lost what meant a lot to me, God has the power to restore it or give me something even better. Because of this truth I can trust in Him and have peace that passes all understanding.

Thanks for reading!!

Important! If you want that peace that doesn't make sense and/or you're tired of the weight of every life decision on your shoulders, click here and invite Jesus into your life. He can change everything for the better.


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Blueberries, for my blue mood, but their juicy sweetness is for God because He can make anything better.

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